1/10: Aliso Canyon Deemed “Mini Chernobyl;” SoCalGas to Pay Billions

County Supervisor Calls Aliso Canyon Gas Leak ‘Mini-Chernobyl”

Hundreds of residents attended the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s meeting on Saturday to learn more about SoCalGas’ plan to incinerate the leaking gas. Find out more.

Gas leak will cost SoCal Gas billions, experts say

So far, SoCalGas has spent more than $50 million to mitigate the Aliso Canyon disaster. According to legal experts, the company can expect to spend billions more in lawsuit damages. Read more.

Porter Ranch Is Only Tip of the Iceberg Exposing Catastrophic Impacts of Natural Gas

EcoWatch calls for an emergency statewide effort to shut down natural gas facilities that lack equipment. Find out why they think Aliso Canyon is only the beginning.

Porter Ranch Gas Leak: Relocation Assistance Following our Court Order Against SoCal Gas

SoCalGas provides information on its relocation assistance and how to complete claims. Learn more.