1/03: Why the CA Gas Leak is Such a Disaster; Will Take Months to Fix

Why the Gas Leak in California No One Is Talking About Is Such a Disaster

It has drawn remarkably little attention outside the West Coast, but a massive methane gas leak 25 miles northwest of Los Angeles is wreaking havoc with the community, displacing thousands of families and posing arguably the worst environmental catastrophe since the 2010 BP oil spill along the Gulf Coast. Read more.

Huge natural gas leak in Los Angeles still months from fix

The escape of tons of natural gas from storage under a Los Angeles neighborhood is not likely to be fixed for at least another two months because of the specific dynamics of the leak, according to officials.The leak at Porter Ranch, already several months old, has forced the relocation of several thousand residents who said the stench made them sick. Read more.

Billowing wake-up call from LA on greenhouse gas

California is viewed as a national model in regulating greenhouse gas pollution, the one state that is actually moving the needle on climate change. That’s true to a point. But there are some gaping vulnerabilities in enforcement, and the massive natural gas leak in suburban Los Angeles underscores how far we have to go on oversight. Read more.