1/20: Delay Of Second Relief Well Is Another Setback For SOCALGAS

Delay Of Second Relief Well Is Another Setback For SOCALGAS

Southern California Gas Company, which has been struggling for months to control a leaking well above Porter Ranch, has delayed the drilling of a second relief well by nearly three weeks. Find out why its been delayed here.

LA County Officials Declare No Long-Term Health Risk Posed By Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Air quality regulators Wednesday held a final hearing to decide the fate of a Southern California Gas Company storage facility that has been leaking natural gas in Porter Ranch. Currently, there are more than 40,000 petition signatures calling for the closure of the gas company’s Aliso Canyon storage facility. Read more to find out the fate of the facility.

Longer than Deepwater Horizon: 87 Days and Counting for Porter Ranch Leak
Remember how long it took BP to plug the Deepwater Horizon spill? A massive leak in California has been spewing methane since October, and it’s still not fixed. Read about the implications here.

$2 million in loan funds to help Porter Ranch businesses

A Porter Ranch preschool on Wednesday became the first business to receive funding from a $2 million loan fund established by an economic development center to assist small businesses in coping with the impact of a massive leak in Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon storage facility above the community. Click here to find out who is eligible for loans.

Mother Forced to Relocate From Porter Ranch Home Claims She Is Getting No Help From SoCal Gas [Video]

Linda Gregorczyk and her 4-year-old son were forced to move out of their Porter Ranch home after a massive natural gas leak at the Gas Company`s Aliso Canyon facility back in October. They had been staying in hotels since December while Gregorczyk attempted to find a temporary home. Find out the rest of the story here.

Air-quality regulators seek ways to minimize gas leak at Porter Ranch

Hundreds of residents near the Porter Ranch gas leak have reported health problems such as nausea, headaches and nose bleeds due to additives in the natural gas, but levels of the carcinogen benzene in the area are still too low to be considered a long-term health risk, county public health officials said Wednesday. Read about Benzene here.