Displaced Porter Ranch Residents Granted More Time

Ever since SoCalGas finally capped well SS25, after 110 days, the company has warned residents that their relocation assistance program would soon come to an end. Thanks to the County and various plaintiff’s counsel, however, additional relocation time for residents has been accomplished. On Feb. 25, 2015, SoCalGas announced it would continue to provide temporary housing until March 18 to Porter Ranch residents for whom it is already providing temporary housing. 

SoCalGas had been planning to cut off funding after Feb 25. 2016, one week after DOGGR declared the well officially sealed, meaning residents displaced by the Aliso Canyon gas leak would have needed to return to their homes by the end of the day. However, based on the ruling by the Court on the 25th, residents that remain away from home will have extra time to return.

This was a decision made by Judge Elihu M. Berle, who ruled that residents relocated to temporary housing will not be forced to return to their homes until additional testing is completed by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, which is working in conjunction with various local and state agencies.

Judge Berle disagreed with SoCalGas’s decision to give residents staying in temporary housing only eight days to return to their homes, and ordered SoCalGas to continue to provide arrangements for all residents who were either still in temporary housing as of Feb. 25th, or who had checked out that day. Judge Berle granted a 22 day extension, which means residents will now have until March 18, 2016 to return to their homes. Residents who relocated into rental homes or apartments can remain in those locations until their lease expires.

Residents being forced out of their temporary housing are directed to call SoCal Gas Temporary Relocation Mediation line at 818-700-3600.

If you have any additional questions about relocation assistance, please contact us.