Dr. Anthony Reading Talks About Effect of SoCalGas Crisis on Mental Health

Dr. Anthony Reading, psychologist and professor at UCLA, talked about the potential psychological effects caused by the Porter Ranch crisis, including factors of stress. He informed Porter Ranch residents on what they could do to stay calm and avoid stressors.

Environmental calamities that affect an entire community can enhance a lot of stress factors for residents, who are the main victims of the disaster. Porter Ranch residents can experience stress from uncertainty and loss-of-control as they have been torn from their routine and safety-nets because of Southern California Gas Co.’s negligence. Dr. Reading explains how temporary relocation can provide a sense of safety, which helps to mitigate prolonged stress.

The Aliso Canyon crisis has not yet been resolved, with thousands of families still waiting on relocation assistance. SoCalGas has claimed that the methane gas may be contained by the end of February. Residents with prior mental conditions are more sensitive to the emotional stress caused by the chaos of relocation.

Families should be aware that their children may also experience behavioral changes caused by the stress. Children may be stressed because of the forced relocation, or because they are unable to adapt to a new school environment. Be sure to support your children through the crisis – they may be reacting to the situation in a completely different, and possibly unhealthy, way.

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