Dr. David A. Smith Urges Residents to Watch Their Pets

Dr. David A. Smith, a veterinarian in Porter Ranch, CA, talked about the effect of the Aliso Canyon crisis on pets at the last town hall meeting, held at Shepherd of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch, CA. According to Dr. Smith, pets are developing respiratory illnesses, dermatological issues, and gastrointestinal problems. Dozens of pets have been brought in for immediate health care after they developed unexpected health problems.

On Dec. 2015, the heartbreaking photo of a cat named Chomper travelled the internet. The photo showed Chomper locked in a cage with a nosebleed. One Porter Ranch family even had to put down their dog after it acquired a debilitating illness. Many pets have developed frightening illnesses that required immediate attention. While SoCalGas has offered relocation assistance, many residents are searching for housing on their own so that they may take their pets with them. SoCalGas has made no comment on the effect of the methane gas on pets.

While SoCalGas claims the amount of methane has been reduced by 60%, gas still continues to contaminate the atmosphere in Porter Ranch, CA. SoCalGas has now estimated that the gas will be staunched by the end of February. If that is the case, families may soon have to relocate back to Porter Ranch.

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