Dr. Richard Kang Explains Why Children are in the Most Danger

Dr. Richard Kang, at the previous town hall meeting held at Shepherd of the Hills Church, elaborated on the unique illnesses and health conditions in children that could be exacerbated by the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout. He explained why the physiology of children put them more at risk and talked about the possibility of long-term illnesses because of continued inhalation.

Dr. Kang urged residents to relocate if they wanted to reduce the change of developing health problems. Students from two schools, Porter Ranch Community School and Castlebay Lane Charter School, have been forced to relocate to schools away from Porter Ranch. Students have been required to adapt to an entirely different environment and maintain their schooling during a massive environmental crisis that provoked the declaration of a state of emergency.

Southern California Gas Co. has stated that the blowout may not be fixed for the next few months. Gas has been billowing into the town at a rate of up to 100,000 pounds an hour since Oct. 23, 2015. While SoCalGas is offering relocation assistance, thousands of families are still waiting on the company to help them move into temporary housing and hotels.

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