Dr. Ronald Fisk Discusses the Science of Porter Ranch

Dr. Ronald Fisk, neurologist and assistant clinical professor at UCLA, helped residents stay positive when he explained that the health problems caused by the Aliso Canyon crisis could be cured with time. Dr. Fisk elaborated on what residents could do to stay one step ahead of any potential health problems they could encounter.

Dr. Fisk talked about the science behind hydrocarbons, its place in the natural environment, and how the gas well crisis has lead to increased, unwanted exposure – causing a range of health problems. The most commonly affected organs in the body, according to Dr. Fisk, include the lungs, heart, skin, liver, kidneys, and blood. In severe cases, the gas can also cause damage to the nervous system, and can cause blood cancer and peripheral neuropathy.

Southern California Gas Co., the company responsible for the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout, has previously claimed that the residents are “making up” the illnesses in their heads. Thousands of residents have relocated away from the Porter Ranch site to escape the illnesses – the most common illnesses being nausea, nosebleeds, dizziness, and headaches. So far, there is no conclusive information on the long-term health effects caused by the methane leak.

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