Mitch Englander Creates Porter Ranch Community Advisory Committee

Mitch Englander, member of the L.A. City Council, formed the Porter Ranch Community Advisory Committee to provide Porter Ranch residents with reliable assistance during the crisis. Mr. Englander informed the town hall meeting attendees that the problem was spreading past Porter Ranch, into neighboring communities such as Chatsworth and Granada Hills.

Mr. Englander addressed the failures of SoCalGas to maintain and mitigate the Aliso Canyon situation. Mr. Englander was born and raised in Porter Ranch, and has strived to fight for the rights of residents during the crisis.

According to a slew of new bills proposed by L.A. County lawmakers, Southern California gas Co. must now fund a study to investigate the long-term effects caused by the continued inhalation of methane gas. Many residents are still living in Porter Ranch and are waiting on SoCalGas for relocation assistance. Residents are experiencing a range of short-term conditions including headaches, nausea, nosebleeds, and dizziness.

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