12/31: Moratorium on Expansions Around Porter Ranch; SoCalGas Knew of Corrosion Last Year

SoCalGas knew of corrosion at Porter Ranch gas facility, doc shows

A state regulatory filing in Nov. 2014 reveals that Southern California Gas Company knew that the pipes in the Aliso Canyon facility were failing. Find out more.

Massive Methane Gas Leak in Southern California is Both a Public Health and Climate Disaster (Audio)

Between the Lines interviewed Daniel Jacobson, legislative director of the Environment California group, who talked about the Aliso Canyon crisis. Check out their interview.

Moratorium sought on expansion of L.A. boundaries for developments near Porter Ranch

The director Los Angeles city annexations says that they are planning to establish a moratorium on any expansions around Porter Ranch until the gas well blowout is fixed. Find out more.

Why Los Angeles’ Disastrous Gas Leak Won’t Get Shut Down Until February (At Earliest)

Although the gas well blowout has released about 74,000 metric tons of gas so far, SoCalGas states that they won’t be able to fix the problem it February at the earliest. Find out why.