1/05: Oily Mist May Travel to Nearby Towns; California Methane Emissions Laws Scrutinized

Utility is erecting screens to contain oily mist at leaking well near Porter Ranch

Southern California Gas Company is working to construct 100-foot-tall mesh walls in order to prevent oily mist from drifting into neighboring communities. Find out more.

California gas disaster highlights patchwork of environmental laws

With the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout leaking tons of gas into the atmosphere, laws covering methane emissions in California are being scrutinized. People are calling for a stricter regime to monitor and manage emissions. Read more.

Massive Los Angeles natural-gas leak continues to spew: What it means to the environment

The Oregonian provides a timeline of the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout, starting from its discovery through the details of its impact on the environment. Read more.

California-style massive gas leak could happen in Canada too, experts say

According to Mark Brownstein, vice-president of the Environmental Defense Fund, the gas well leak can happen anywhere, anytime. Find out why.