1/26: Porter Ranch businesses sue over natural gas leak

Porter Ranch businesses sue over natural gas leak
Porter Ranch business owners filed a class-action lawsuit against the Southern California Gas Co., parent company Sempra Energy and several state regulators that seeks to recover damages from the natural gas leak that began in October. Get details on the lawsuit here.


Attorney Oliver: ‘SoCal Gas Deliberately Deceptive on Air Quality Order’
In a formal written objection to the adoption of the order agreed upon by SoCalGas attorneys, Oliver claims the stipulated order constitutes “a deprivation of rights and results in a denial of due process” to Porter Ranch residents. She also alleges that the gas company is withholding information regarding the extent of environmental damage. Read more her allegations here.


California’s Massive Methane Leak Highlights National Crisis, Environmentalists Say
As the massive natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon continues to pump methane into the air above Los Angeles, environmental activists are warning about a much bigger and more widespread crisis that is not drawing nearly as much attention: leaks throughout the nation’s oil and gas supply chain. Read more about potential issues with US gas supply here.


California Gas Leak Follows Years of Lax Regulation of Aging Storage Wells
Long before a natural gas storage well sprung a disastrous leak near Los Angeles, Calif., utilities and national industry groups were raising alarms about the danger of aging underground storage infrastructure. Read about what they knew here.


Aliso Canyon Gas Leak — Incident Update — January 25, 2016
Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) announces that operations have entered the fifth and final phase in efforts to stop the leak at its Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility. Although the completion date is anticipated to be by late February, or possibly sooner, the drilling operations can still encounter delays. Read more about the final phase here.


Relief well at Porter Ranch almost complete
A relief well being drilled at Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon storage facility in an effort to cap a leak that has been spewing natural gas since late October is nearing completion, gas company officials said Monday, but they warned it will still take time to finish the job. Read more about the progress here.


The Porter Ranch Gas Leak Disaster: Blame Jerry Brown
If you think Donald Trump is a national disgrace, you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s been happening here in California. Not that you can be blamed for not knowing how bad the atmosphere-warming leak actually is; nobody that has the power to do anything about it seems to care all that much, certainly not California’s governor-for-life Jerry Brown. Read about Brown’s role here.