New Porter Ranch Methane Gas Well Blowout Video Released

This is just the latest, in a series of shocking videos detailing the ongoing crisis in Porter Ranch, CA. The video shot with an industrial quality FLIR GF320 infrared camera, depicts an ominous looking cloud of methane gas drifting slowly through a neighborhood. The video starts with the camera in standard mode, with a quiet and even serene shot of a few houses on a hilltop in Porter Ranch, CA. The camera is then switched to its special infrared mode and immediately a cloud of billowing gas is visible drifting through the clouds. As the camera pans right, it follows the path that the gas is taking over the tops of the mountains in the background, as it travels towards the homes in the foreground.

This video portrays the enveloping nature of the gas as it covers Porter Ranch in an invisible hazardous gas with a noxious odor. A chemical, mercaptan, causes the odor which is the main culprit behind the negative health affects on residents. The mercaptan is an additive to the gas used to give the odorless methane a detectable smell for the purpose of leak detection. However, the continuous exposure of the residents to the mercaptan in the methane has caused numerous reports of nausea, vomiting, headaches, nosebleeds and dizziness.

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Image Location 2 Map

Residents have been forced to live with this gas cloud and have been suffering from these ailments since October 23, 2015, when the gas well blowout was first discovered at Southern California Gas Co.’s Aliso Canyon storage facility, a mile from Porter Ranch. The map below details the camera angle in relation to the community and the direction that the gas is approaching Porter Ranch.