1/12: Porter Ranch Students Attend New School; SoCalGas Makes Statement

Porter Ranch Students To Begin Attending Classes At Different LAUSD Campuses (Video)

A new video has been released showing the Porter Ranch students, who have been displaced from their homes, attending their first day of classes at a new school. View it here.

SoCalGas Statement Regarding Senate Legislative Bill Package on Aliso Canyon

SoCalGas announced that they were ready to cooperate with the Governor’s office and would abide with all state, local, and regulatory agencies. Read more.

Post-SoCalGas Storage Well Leak, EDF Advocates Rethinking NatGas Role

The Environmental Defense Fund is advocating for three actions as a result of the climate change caused by the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout. Find out what they are here.

What Northridge teachers will tell their students about the new Porter Ranch kids

Teachers are facing a dilemma after sections of the school, portioned for the Porter Ranch Community School students, have much better amenities and revamped facilities than other sections of the school. Find out more.

L.A. County has joined L.A. City Attorney’s lawsuit against SoCalGas over gas leak

City Attorney Mike Feuer announced on Monday that L.A. County has joined the City Attorneys’ lawsuit against SoCalGas. Read more.

Current on Bloomberg Law

Find the current status of the lawsuit filed by the People of the State of CA against SoCalGas on Bloomberg Law here.

Stop the Gas Leak But Keep Energy Flowing

The editor of Fox & Hounds questions the moratorium and its limitations on the gas delivered to thousands of consumers in California. Find out more.

From Flint to Porter Ranch: When Utilities Get It Wrong

Rosemary Jenkins compare the Flint incident to Porter Ranch in terms of negligence and the social and environmental impact. Read more.

Sempra Energy (SRE) VP G Joyce Rowland Sells 11,428 Shares of Stock

The VP of Sempra Energy, Joyce Rowland, has sold more than 11,000 shares in a transaction on Monday. They sold for an average price of $88.20 each. Read more.

Lack of methane emission reporting poses investor risk: green group

The Environmental Defense Fund, after an investigation, has said that of the 65 largest US oil and gas producers and midstream, only 18 reported their methane emissions. Find out more.