1/13: SoCalGas Hopes to Stop Blowout by end of Feb; Residents Continue to Suffer

As poison gas billows, profits take priority, residents suffer (Video)

Displaced residents of Porter Ranch are aghast that natural gas housed in the wells in Porter Ranch is being sold at market rate as their community becomes an uninhabitable ghost town. Watch this clip as they relay their plight for justice.  

LA’s methane crisis in real-time: Live monitoring counter shows how much of the deadly gas has leaked into the atmosphere

The seconds of the day are ticking away in tandem with the amount of methane gas being released into the atmosphere from the SoCalGas blowout. See the latest count on emissions from the Environmental Defense Fund’s tracker here.

What I Saw in Porter Ranch

An outsider takes an investigative look at Porter Ranch from the ground. What he reports is an apocalyptic nightmare mired in red tape and gas fumes. See what he saw here.

Southern California methane gas leak, an invisible environmental disaster

There are many talking heads pontificating on the Porter Ranch disaster, but the experts are finally speaking out. Listen to a talk between Alexandra Nagy, the Southern California Organizer at the Los Angeles branch of Food & Water Watch, and Timothy O’Conner, the Director of Environmental Defense Fund’s Oil and Gas Program in California, here.

Porter Ranch needs leadership, not politics: Steve Knight

Steve Knight shares his thoughts about the Porter Ranch crisis, detailing the moment he first found out about it. Read more.

Methane leak from broken Porter Ranch gas well slows

A new state air sampling shows that the amount of methane gas spewing from the Aliso Canyon facility has been slowing down. Read more.

Fitch: No Imminent Rating Impact on SoCalGas/SRE from Gas Leak

Fitch Ratings believes that the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak and subsequent government actions do not warrant an immediate change to the ratings for  SoCalGas or Sempra Energy. Find out why.

Utility hopes to stop California gas leak by end of February

A SoCalGas company executive stated that Sempra Energy hopes to stop the gas well blowout by end of February. Find out more.

The World Is Hemorrhaging Methane, and Now We Can See Where

According to Christina Nunez, Aliso Canyon has put a spotlight on methane emissions and now officials can see that thousands of other gas companies are releasing methane intentionally. Read more.