12/30: SoCalGas Locates Breach; EPA Probes Porter Ranch

Porter Ranch ‘catastrophe’ caused by leaking natural gas storage cavern

Southern California Gas Co. has reported that they have located the source of the leaking gas. Workers were earlier unable to find the breach in the 87,000 foot well. Find out more.

EPA opens probe into Porter Ranch gas leak (Video)

In light of the devastating environmental damage caused by the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated an investigation. A state hearing will also be held next month. Find out more.

Why LA’s Gas Leak Is a Global Disaster 

The Aliso Canyon crisis is considered “the worst of the decade,” with an estimated rate of 1300 metric tons of gas still billowing into Porter Ranch. Find out more about the environmental effects.

Mercury News editorial: Porter Ranch methane leak brings weak California response

While Governor Brown has attended global events to talk about climate regulations and the dangers of climate change, he has yet to draw awareness to the Aliso Canyon gas well blowout. Read more.

Hundreds of Porter Ranch residents gather to search for answers and options (Video)

A public event was held on Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015, at the Woodland Hills Hilton conference room. Residents who attended inquired about the health and real estate effects. Find out more.

Largest gas leak in history taking place in California

According to ZME Science, Aliso Canyon gas well blowout “the worst environmental disaster since the BP’s Deepwater oil spill in 2010.”  Find out more.