1/16: Porter Ranch worker says air quality led to miscarriage (Video); Congressman Sherman: “Maximize Gas Withdrawal at Leak Site”

Porter Ranch worker says air quality led to miscarriage (Video)

A Porter Ranch woman claims that the air quality linked to the SoCalGas blowout led to her tragic miscarriage. Watch her testimonial about what she experienced.

Congressman Sherman: “Maximize Gas Withdrawal at Leak Site”

Siphon the gas from the tank. Sherman Oaks Congressman Brad Sherman is asking Governor Jerry Brown to allow the maximum daily withdrawal of natural gas to come from the leaking well rather than to continue minimizing the extraction based on the market rate for the sale of the gas. This measure would, in effect, alleviate the amount of emissions from the damaged well based on the volume of gas it contains. To read the official request, click here.

Porter Ranch gas leak puts DOGGR in the spotlight

The Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) is part of the California Department of Conservation that is tasked with the safe regulation of natural gas wells across the state. With the public barking at them for revised regulations in the wake of Porter Ranch, discover what they’re planning to do to make underground natural gas wells safer.

Porter Ranch residents demand answers to ongoing gas leak (Video)

Donning gas masks, Porter Ranch’s disgruntled population rallied outside a public hearing on 1/16 for the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Find out what next steps they’re demanding of the board here.

Porter Ranch Residents Gather For Second Meeting With AQMD (Video)

South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) is being head-butted by displaced Porter Ranch residents and protesters in the wake of recent findings that the organization underestimated benzene levels in the atmosphere. Observe the outrage from community members and others.

California Drafts Emergency NatGas Storage Rules

Legislation is raining down from state agencies post haste for stricter and expansive coverage over natural gas storage in California. See how quickly politicians are hoping these rules will be enacted.

Pet deaths, illnesses evoke concern amid Porter Ranch gas leak

Add the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to the list of agencies that are getting involved in the Porter Ranch disaster. After reports of sickness and death from owners of dogs, fish, and birds, the agency is “playing a supportive role” as animal owners reel from the loss of their beloved companions as a result of poisoning from the natural gas blowout. Discover how bad the situation is here.

Explosion risk stalls plan to capture and burn gas from Porter Ranch leak

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) put the brakes on state legislature’s plans to burn off emissions due to the high potential for an explosion. In a three-page letter, the PUC claimed that pressure pumping to plug the casing of the leaking well may have allowed air to mix with methane below the surface. Should gas be allowed to burn off, a disastrous explosion could occur as a result. Read about the warning here.

Porter Ranch Should Spark End to ‘Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind’ on Methane Leakage

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. An environmental blogger is calling for more public information to be available about methane emissions in California and across the nation. Discover how common methane leaks actually are, and why you should be informed.

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